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Send Hope Spring charity ecard to friends, family and colleagues and share it on WhatsApp instantly.

WhatsApp eCard for Christmas on Hope Spring

Faster, better than a Christmas card by post.

Send Christmas greetings almost at a speed of light! Create, personalise and send a Christmas eCard to family, friends and work colleagues with our WhatsApp eCard feature.

  • Create a Christmas eCard
  • Personalise your Charity Christmas eCard
  • Donate to our cause
  • Press send! Your WhatsApp eCard will be sent instantly
  • Share on Whatsapp

You can read our blog on how to send Hope Spring eCard via WhatsApp

You can now share your sent ecard to the recipient on WhatsApp. Follow this step-by-step guide to send Hope Spring ecard to your WhatsApp contact in this article.



WhatsApp eCards on Hope Spring FAQ

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    How does Hope Spring WhatsApp eCard work?

    Get started by choosing the eCard you want to send.  Select from one of the categories above. You can also jump straight to one of our most popular categories such as Christmas WhatsApp eCards, Birthday WhatsApp eCards or Anniversary WhatsApp ecards.  Add details of the recipient, add a personal message, make a donation and you are ready for the next stage.

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    I don’t have an email address for the recipient, can I still send a WhatsApp eCard?

    Yes you can. Below the recipient’s email address field, please select share to WhatsApp or Facebook option. 


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    Can I personalise my WhatsApp eCard?

    You can personalise the message that accompanies your eCard with your choice of font and other basic formatting. 

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    How do I know if my WhatsApp eCard was opened?

    You can use the built- in WhatsApp feature to view the status of your eCard. You can also login to your Hope Spring eCard dashboard to view the status of your WhatsApp eCard. 

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    Can I send a WhatsApp eCard free of charge?

    Yes you can. We would like you to donate to support our project. If you prefer not to make a donation, that is fine. Just obtain a promo code from our free charity eCard page. Follow the WhatsApp eCard sending process above and you can share your greetings free of charge. 

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    How is WhatsApp eCard better than traditional greeting cards?

    Using the WhatsApp feature of our eCards uses about 0.15 grams of C02. This is significantly less than sending a paper greeting card by post. There is also a huge monetary savings as you can donate or choose to send your WhatsApp eCard free of charge.

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    What do you use the donation I made, when I send a WhatsApp eCard for?

    We use your donation for climate change reduction and clean water projects. Please see Hope Spring water projects for more information.