About Ozami Digital Greetings Cards

At Ozami.com, we help you send heartfelt greetings to friends, family, and other loved ones. Via our unique digital greetings ecard platform, you can convey your happy birthday message to Uncle Derek on his fiftieth birthday. It’s your dad’s milestone birthday? You can send him happy birthday greetings on Ozami, and we can deliver your message with a bunch of fresh-cut flowers.

Did you forget Steve and Lorraine’s anniversary? Then send them an Ozami digital belated happy anniversary ecard. I am sure you now get the idea of what Ozami Digital Greeting Cards does. That is not all; we do more!
We have a section on Ozami digital greetings cards, just for sending greetings on special occasions to your work colleagues. If Steve from the account department is leaving your organisation, you can create a group good luck ecard to be signed by the whole of the account department or even the entire organisation from their computer or mobile phone. No one needs to get out of their work space to sign Steve’s leaving ecard.

To sum up what we do, Ozami specialises in getting your greetings to people that matter to you digitally. The recipient of an Ozami digital greetings card can be on any platform: email, WhatsApp, or social media. We can get the message to him or her. Ozami digital greetings cards are faster, cheaper, and more convenient than traditional paper-based greetings cards.

About Ozami Limited

Ozami Limited is the social enterprise-style start-up behind Ozami.com digital greetings cards. Like any viable business, Ozami’s first aim is to create beautiful digital greeting cards for its customers. We also hope to help our customers, both individually and businesses, lower their carbon footprint, albeit in a small way, by helping them send more ecards and fewer paper-based greeting cards.

Formed in January 2024, Ozami Ltd. hopes to help more people make meaningful connections with friends and family using our digital greeting card platform. Apart from helping to connect friends and family, proceeds from our website will be used to help social causes and charities we are passionate about, not to help a CEO buy his or her second or third yacht. This is one of the reasons you should choose Ozami eCads over competition.

Apart from using Ozami to send your digital greeting cards, you can also be part of Ozami! To find out more about investing in Ozami financially or with your skills, please get in touch with Ozami.com.