Black Super Hero holding a gift box

Black Super Hero holding a birthday gift box

Black super hero birthday eCard

As a saying goes, better late than never. It took Hope Spring ecards a while, but now we have a rich and growing section for black people. Most of the time, ecards created for the general British public are suitable for everyone. Other times, a specialist eCard such as one created for people of a particular ethnicity is the most suitable for an occasion. For example a Chinese new year ecard featuring a black person or a caucasian may not be an eCard chinese new year ecard.

Birthday eCards are the most popular ecards on our site, so we are currently putting our black ecard development into birthday ecards. Once we have a decent number of black birthday ecards, we will start looking into other occasions such as anniversary, wedding, engagement, thank you and others.

We are also working on developing ecards for black history month. The black history month will feature well known black Britons. Like all Hope Spring eCards, you can send the ecard free off charge or make a donation to our clean water charity.

We hope you find a black ecard to suit the occasion you are looking to commemorate with friends, family or work colleagues.