As you would expect with an ecard site with over a thousand different card designs and styles, some styles and themes would be more popular than others. When team Hope Spring eCards looked at our stats recently, to see which of our ecards are more popular than others. Lo and behold, we found out that ecards featuring flowers and those with bees are quite popular with users of our platform.

To share the joy and beauty of ecards with flowers or bees featured on them, in this blogpost, we bring you a list and description of some of our most popular ecards that feature a flower or a bee.


Top 10 charity eCards featuring flowers

1. Flower Bouquet (Birthday eCard)

Happy Birthday Ecard Flowers

Birthday Flower Bouquet eCard

A beautiful birthday ecard depicting a bouquet of flowers and a happy birthday message. It is so thoughtfully designed, the choice of tag colour carrying the birthday wish is quite spot on. But the aesthetic beauty is entirely dictated by the bouquet of flowers in the background and it is safe to say that is what impacts its ranking.

2. Beautiful Rose Flower (Birthday eCard)

Rose is a mother in a calibre of beautiful flowers. It adds heightened beauty to this awesome birthday ecard. Though I do not underestimate the aesthetic significance of the bottle of wine and the glasses, the roses make the ecard looks perfect.

3. Cosmos Flower (Welcome Spring eCard)

Welcome Spring eCard featuring cosmos flower

Garden cosmos flowers are not only quite easy to grow, they are remarkably visually appealing and hardy flowers to enjoy during the spring and summer months. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that this simple welcome spring ecard occupies the third spot in this list.

4. Fresh Cut Flower (Mother’s Day eCard)

Happy Mother’s Day ecard featuring mother, daughter and a fresh cut flower

It is a great delight for a mother to recieve a lovely fresh cut flower from her daughter. This Happy Mother’s Day ecard which features mother, her baby, fresh cut flowers and Mother’s Day card is certainly an ideal ecard to send mum for Mother’s Day greetings and rank high in the list of popular ecards.

5. Floral Wreath (Golden Anniversary eCard)

Background flower wreath wedding anniversary ecard

Sending flowers to our loved ones on their wedding often creates a wonderful experience for them. This artistic flower wreath golden wedding anniversary ecard has been claimed to add artistic and delightful wedding anniversary experience to the couple’s day.

6. Bright and Colourful Blossom (Animated Birthday eCard)

Animated ecard featuring bright blossom and birthday presents

Nothing is more beautiful than incorporating flowers in celebrating loved ones on their birthday. It is even better when it is done in a creative manner. I am given to believe that is what makes this animated birthday ecard really special for saying “Happy Birthday” to a friend or family member.

7. Wildflower (Artistic Thank You eCard)

Charity Thank You ecard featuring artistic wildflowers

A thank you ecard depicting artistic expression that strongly and visually communicates that flowers add beauty to almost everything.

8. Animated Colourful Flowers (Birthday eCard)

Colourful flowers birthday ecard with lined background

This is another artistic birthday ecard whose beauty is largely dictated by the inclusion of flowers. Again I acknowledge the aesthetic imports of other elements on the ecard.

9. Golden Roses (Father’s Day eCard)

Happy Father’s Day ecard featuring beautiful rose flowers

A Father’s Day eCard with beautiful rose flowers arched on top a “Happy Father’s Day” message —- the beautiful rose flowers that make the ecard an easy choice to express your love and gratitude for dad’s support and kindness.

10. Lavender Dreamy Purple Flower (Birthday eCard)

Birthday Ecard

Dreamy Purple Lavender patterned birthday ecard

A lavender flower patterned birthday ecard. What a beauty to behold! If lavender plants in a garden are pleasing to the eye, a lavender-flower element on ecard could be breathtaking. This ecard certainly merits its inclusion on the list.


Top 10 charity eCards featuring bees


1. Bee Saves Our Planet (Artistic Word Bee Day eCard)

Word Bee Day artistic ecard

“To save the bee or not to be…” goes the message on this beautiful bee ecard. A message that makes allusion to the importance of these honey-making creatures in the ecosystem as well as in our economy and why their continued existence ought to be humans’ priority.

2. Sunflower & Bees (Artistic Birthday eCard)

Happy Birthday eCard

Birthday ecard featuring a girl, a bird, sunflower and bees

This artistic birthday card contains all the elements that necessarily make a stunning artistic ecard production : flowers, a little girl and bees. It’s an “all-in-one” ecard.

3. Happy Bee (Birthday eCard)

Happy Birthday card by Happy Bee.

Honey sweetens, and here is a birthday ecard by a maker of  honey “The Happy Bee” to sweeten the pot in addition to warm birthday wishes.

4. Roses & Bees (Artistic Birthday eCard)

Artistic birthday ecard featuring roses and bees

Here is another glorious combination of flowers and bees, the rose flower birthday ecard has a clean white background with a birthday wish cocooned in a rose-decorated band.

5. Bee Romantic (Love eCard)

Love ecard featuring a bee holding rose flower

Love ecard with a bee holding a flower that helps express the sender’s love. The ecard is symbolic and aesthetically beautiful.

6. Yellow Sunflower and a Bee (Word Bee Day eCard)

Yellow sunflower and a bee background blue sky and bright sun

A simple bee ecard featuring yellow sunflower pollination by a bee. The ecard serves to express the beauty of nature — and that bees help preserve it among other things.

7. Honey Bees and Coreopsis (Bee eCard)

Bee ecard featuring honey bees and yellow coreopsis

This ecard depicts our buzzing buddies and one of the most profoundly appealing garden flowers —- coreopsis. This awesome bee ecard is also an expression of beautiful nature.

8. Western Honey Bee (Artistic Bee eCard)

Bee ecard featuring a western honey bee

Honey bee artistic ecard that depicts western honey bee going about the business of honey-making is another ideal ecard for World Bee Day.

9. Bee Happy (Bee eCard)

Bee ecard featuring a drawing of bees and the words ‘Bee Happy’

This is a sort of an encouragement ecard “Bee Happy”. It reveals some artistic finesse by the drawing of rugged but adorable bees.

10. Our Honey-Making Friend (Artistic Bee eCard)

Artistic bee ecard featuring honey bee pristine white colour background

Beautiful bee ecard so thoughtfully designed and every detail so well taken care of that it gives a sense of an animated bee on a honeycomb.

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