New parents can’t hide their joy when a baby is added to the family. They want to share the joy with their friends and families by announcing the birth of their baby. The baby announcement provides information about the baby. These are some online tools you can use in announcing the birth of your little bundle of joy.

1. Baby announcement greetings card

Baby Announcement Template

This card is available for you to download. download this free card, edit by imputing the names, details of your baby and send to your friends and family.

2. Send an ecard

An ecard is one of the greatest ways to announce the birth of a baby. All you need do is visit Hope Spring Charity ecards, choose from the varieties of baby announcement ecard or video birthday ecard, input the recipient details, add your personalised message, make a donation to a charity and send it off. Your card arrives instantly.

3. Online Email birth announcement

The addition to your family can be announced via email. You write down the message, introducing the birth of a new baby into your family and also giving information about the baby. These are the details you can add. The baby’s name, sex, date and place of birth, time of birth, length and weight among others.

4. Social media

Some parents use social media to announce the birth of their baby. The idea of a baby announcement is to let your loved ones know about the arrival of your new bundle of joy. This announcement can either be done on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Although this is not an official baby announcement, however, you need to include the following, name of your baby, the sex, place and date of birth of your baby. Some parents might want to be the first person to announce their baby’s birth on social media, to achieve this you need to inform your loved ones about this after you’ve announced it, you can then tell them to do the same.

5. Throwing a party

This is another way some parents announce the birth of a baby. Families and loved ones are invited to a baby announcement party where the baby is introduced and celebrate the arrival of their bundle of joy.

Now we move to the next half of this article. If you receive notice of the announcement of a baby, whether the baby’s birthday was announced using one of our baby announcements ecards or any other ways, here are some exciting ways to respond to the new parents.

6. Send a small hamper of little things babies need

Some respond to a baby announcement by sending a hamper containing things the baby needs. However, these depend on how close the parent is to the family.

7. Send a congratulatory email message

Sending a congratulatory email is one of the common ways of responding to a baby announcement. This message can be good wishes to the baby and the parent, a funny message or it worth it encouragement, knowing the energy required to care for a child.

8. Send a baby’s outfit

Since the baby announcement includes the baby gender, some respond to the announcement by congratulating the parent and also sending a nice baby outfit to the baby.

9. Send a card

While some see a baby announcement as a normal thing, Many respond to the announcement by sending a card to acknowledge the announcement

10. Send a cheque

Some people have testified of sending a cheque after they receive a baby’s announcement. This is a generous way of showing your happiness for the family.