We love planting trees at Hope Spring eCards

Trees are one of the lungs of the planet, they suck CO2 out of the environment, and enrich it with life sustaining oxygen. We are big fans of anything that improves the environment, making our planet a greener and a better place, that is why we started planting trees on a monthly basis, starting in 2020. To date, we have planted more than 150 trees.

Trees are also one of the reasons behind the Hope Spring eCard concept. Millions of trees are cut down and pulped every year, to create traditional greetings cards. When you send a Hope Spring charity ecard, instead of a traditional greeting card, you are supporting our tree planting campaign.

We have no plans to slow down our tree planting, on the contrary we are planning to increase it! We have just come up with something we call “our tree planting manifesto, which is a growing document, it currently stands as indicated below:

  • Continue our monthly tree planting project via ecologi
  • Plant 70 trees more, in 2022 to celebrate the Queen’s platinum jubilee
  • Join positive projects that support planting new trees
  • Encourage our users to plant trees
  • Encourage our users to send more ecards and less paper based greetings cards
  • Did we miss something out? Let us know.