Send a Video Christmas eCard

Say Merry Christmas to your family and friends with a Christmas video eCard. Donate the cost of the traditional card to water charity. Browse our 2022, 2023 selection, customize your message and send a video Christmas card by email.

: Merry Christmas animated video ecard with soft, relaxing music
: Merry Christmas animated video ecard with soft, relaxing music

Charity Christmas Video eCards from Hope Spring

Choose one or more ecard from our selection of charity video ecards, personalise it with a message, add a donation and send it to your friend, family or work colleague. Your video ecard and it’s message will arrive instantly, the recipient would be informed that you have made a donation to a worthy cause.

The donation you and others made to our Christmas video ecard will be used to alleviate water poverty in communities that needed clean water urgently.

Humorous and Funny Christmas Video eCards

Frequently asked questions about Charity Video eCards

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    How does your video ecard work?

    Our video ecards are in MP4 format, they are relatively small as the video file goes. When you complete the process of sending a video ecard, we attach the video to your personal message and send it to the recipient. The video plays on the recipient’s device, there is no need to visit our site to play the video.

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    How can I send a Christmas video ecard?

    Browse the selection of video ecards available at the top of this page. You can play the video you are thinking of sending, just to be sure you like it. Once you have selected the video, add the email address and the message that accompanies it, follow the sending process to the end, click send!  Your video will be on it’s way. It should arrive at its destination within a few seconds.

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    How will I know that my video ecards was sent?

    We automatically send a copy of the video ecard to you, when the ecard sent to your recipient is dispatched.

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    How much does my subscription to your video ecard service cost?

    Our service is donation based, not a subscription service. You will not be charged any monthly fees.

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    Can you create a custom Christmas video ecard just for me?

    Yes we can! Please contact us with your requirements. We create our video ecards manually, so you should give us at least three week notice.

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    How many receipts can I send one Christmas video eCard to?

    You can send one Christmas Video eCard to a maximum of  five people.

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    Can I send a Christmas video ecard to everyone in my office?

    Yes you can. This type of high volume ecard  falls under our business employee Christmas ecard. You can send a business christmas ecard to up to 5,000 people.