Business Charity Christmas Card and Video eCards

Personalised business charity christmas card or video eCard, just for your company or organisation.

Send a Personalised Business Christmas eCards for Charity

We have a range of charity Christmas eCards and video eCards for your business to choose from. Browse from our selection of static, animated and video ecards.  

Whichever ecard you choose, we will personalise it with your company or organization’s logo and colour scheme. We will customise the card or the video you choose free of charge. Our offering offers a personal touch, you are not confined to choosing a fixed template that only works in  a particular way. We offer 100% flexibility, with a graphic artist making the customisation you require.  All the personalisation and customisation you need is done for a  one-off donation. 

Once you are happy with your personalised business charity Christmas ecard or video,  we can send it to your customers via our own mailing system. You will be provided with a delivery report.  

You may choose to send the eCard yourself via your business internal mailing system. 

You also have the option to have your personalised business charity Christmas ecard hosted on our website. You just need to send a link to the ecard to your colleagues and clients.

Featured Personalised Charity Christmas eCards for businesses

Vintage colourful Christmas ecard Merry Christmas to you

Beautiful Christmas Fireworks Video

Christmas greeting ecard of snowman, bird and spruce tree branch

Charity Christmas eCard – Three Wise Men

Christmas greeting ecard featuring Christmas tree and gift

Artistic Christmas greeting ecard of snowman, flowers, birds, holly, rose, poinsettia, berries

Merry Christmas greeting ecard of a cute deer and lettering

Chistmas ecard cute owl

Snowman in the winter Merry Christmas ecard

2 knitted mittens Christmas ecard

Christmas ecard of beautiful Christmas poster

Christmas ecard – We wish you a Merry Christmas

Artistic Christmas ecard bird and holly berry

Christmas ecard Santa and the moon

Cute Merry Christmas ecard of Christmas symbols

Artistic Christmas ecard of a snowman holding Christmas tree

Christmas eCard of a cute chickadee in the snow

Christmas and Happy New Year eCard of Beautiful Cottages and Snowy Sky

Christmas eCard Santa Claus Composing Christmas Greetings

Christmas eCard Santa Tree with Decorations

Featured Customisable Video eCards for Businesses

Send a Personalised Business Christmas eCards for Charity

Are you a charity or a commercial business selling eCards on behalf of charities?

  • We are a UK charity. We are registered in England and Wales, our charity registration number is:  1165468 

We have our own internal mailing system, we wish to create the eCard, make a donation and send the eCard with our internal mailing system. 

  • That Option is available, please choose an ecard, we can customise it for you or you can do it yourself. 

Can you host the eCard on your server and provide us a link we can send to people we wish to share the card with.  

  •  Yes, we can. This is actually how most companies use our business Christmas charity eCard package 

What personalisation options do you have?

You can create your own company Christmas message or let us create one for you. You can also instruct us to personalise one of our Christmas videos with your company logo and colour scheme. All these customisation and personalisation are done free of charge.

How to sending your business charity christmas ecards

It takes a few simple steps for your company charity business ecard to be created, personalised and ready to send:

  1. Choose a Christmas ecard or a video Christmas ecard for your business.
  2. Personalise it with the message you want to go out to your staff or contacts.
  3. Make a donation to Hope Spring water charity.
  4. Send your business charity ecard  from your company or let us send it on your behalf.

Why business charity Christmas cards?


Until fairly recently, businesses print millions of Christmas cards and spend hundreds of thousands of pounds on postage stamps to get them delivered to their customers and staff. Growing awareness about the environmental impact of printed christmas cards and the additional CO2 emitted by the postal system to deliver the card  meant businesses and organisations that are mindful of their carbon footprint are sending business Christmas cards like the one we offer over Christmas greetings sent through the portal system.

Another measurable impact for your organisation when you send a charity business Christmas card is that you are making a donation to a good cause, as well as sending seasonal greetings to your colleagues and customers. It is a win-win situation for your business or organisation.


You are likely here because you’re looking to make a responsible choice rather than order printed Christmas cards. Show your customers and contacts that you are choosing an eco corporate Christmas card solution rather than sticking with wasteful printed cards year-on-year.

Send charity Christmas eCards from your company’s internal mailing system

Whether you prefer a static Christmas card or a video Christmas ecard, you can send the perfect season’s greeting to your customer and colleagues through your own company emailing system. 


We will design, personalize and customise the ecard for you, with a clear message to let the recipients know that your company has made a choice to donate to Hope Spring charity and send the ecard yourself.  One of the issues removed when you send a charity christmas eCard from your company is that you do not have to share the email address of your customers or colleagues with us, helping you to stay compliant with data protection laws.


Christmas Video eCards & Games for Businesses

You can add fun and interactivity to your company website and social media pages by creating and inviting visitors to play a branded, personalised and customised christmas game for your company.   View the game below and contact us to discuss personalising one of them for your business, for a one-off donation.

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