Dream Catchers Cards

Classic Dream Catcher with Birthday Wishes

It’s your birthday today! May all your heart’s desire and dreams come true.

Bold Dream Cather

A beautifully crafted dream catcher with no words.  You can craft words that would go with the beautiful picture.

Two Hearts Dreaming as One

Two stylised dream catchers, with two heart shaped base. Suitable as an ecard for two people sharing a dream.


Never Stop Dreaming

Perfect dream catcher for encouraging someone to keep dreaming. Ideal as a birthday or encouragement ecard.


Dream Away

A perfect dream catcher for encouraging someone to keep dreaming. Suitable for sending as a birthday ecard or an inspirational ecard.


Two Owls Dream Catcher

Two creatively arranged dream catchers. Each arranged to look like an owl. Perfect ecard for birthdays.


Dream Cather in Feathers

A beautifully crafted dream catcher, in the middle of feathers and other items used to create it.


Tribal Art Dreamcater

Tribal art dreamcatcher. Native American India motif. Suitable for sending as an ecard for any occasion.

Dream Cather Themed Ecards

A dreamcatcher may just be a craft item composed of a web shaped stick, feathers & beads. It symbolism is powerful. It was originally created by the indigenous people of America. The dream catcher web catches the bad dreams, allowing the good dreams and your heart desires come true. Sending a dreamcatcher ecard to a loved one send a powerful message about what you wish them.

Send one of Hope Spring ecards dreamcatcher to you friend or loved one today, and make their day.

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