Cat Cards

Elgar the Korat Cat inspired Birthday eCard

This is our first real cat inspired eCard and video eCard. The real life cat that inspired us was a Korat cat, called Elgar. This young cat is very playful and quite mischievous. He loves to climb on people’s shoulders and sit there like a parrot. Visit our selection of our Birthday video eCards, which include the one inspired by Elgar

Cartoon Drawing of a Cheshire Cat

Cartoon drawing of a grinning Cheshire cat (British Shorthair). Wearing a birthday hat, with a birthday cake, and the message Happy Birthday.  The perfect ecard to send someone who adore man’s feline friend.

Colourful Happy Birthday Cat & Cake

Uniquely styled colourful drawing of a cat, with three birthday candles on a birthday cake. The cake appears to be on the cat’s head.

Super Colourful Birthday Cat Ecard

illustration of a cheerful cat, with a Happy Birthday message on its head, the cat also has a birthday present balanced on its head.

Happy Birthday Cat

Drawing of a happy cat, that appears to be smiling. It is holding a flag and a stick with a heart shape on the top. It is a perfect ecard to send, to wish a cat lover happy birthday.

The Cat and Butterflies

Fine illustration of a cat, with butterflies around it. It will make a good ecard for various occasions including birthdays. It can also be sent as a thank you card.

Meowing Happy Birthday!

Illustration of a cat that appears to be wishing or shall we say meowing birthday wish.

Three Cats Birthday Salute

Graphic illustration of three cats, wishing you a happy birthday.

Anthropomorphised Cat with Birthday Cake

A colourful and very interesting painting of an anthropomorphised cat, holding a birthday cake.

Cute Happy Birthday Cartoon Cat

Cute drawing of a cartoon cat, with is paws raised wishing you a happy birthday.

Cats Heaven Birthday Wishes

Illustration of cats, in several rows, in different colours with a Happy Birthday message on the foreground.

Sophisticated Cats

Three trendy and sophisticated cats, near a pile of birthday gifts, wishing you a happy birthday.

Birthday Greeting from a Cool Cat

Bespectacled cool and sophisticated cat, with a bird chirping at its tail wishing you a Happy Birthday. Ideal for sending birthday greetings to a cool, sophisticated cat lover.

The Five Cats Birthday Greetings

A beautiful illustration of five cats, each doing something different near a birthday cake.  One of them blowing heart shaped kisses.

Musical Cats Illustration

A brilliant illustration of two cats, each holding different musical instruments. Butterfly, plants and other natural stuff in the illustration. Perfect for sending to a cat and nature lover.

10 Cat Birthday Wishes

Heart shaped happy birthday greetings, with ten cats, arranged in a circle around it. A perfect birthday ecard for someone who really love cats.

Charity Birthday Ecards – The Cats Collection

Without wishing to stoke the ever simmering, but never ending cats versus dogs as a pet debate. It really appear that all the best people in the world love cats.  (and the not so good people too, Just think of how many villains in a film you have seen with a cat on his/her lap).

The stats at Hope Spring Charity Cards,  seem to suggest that more cat lovers send  ecards than dog lovers. That is why we have created a collection of cats themed birthday e-cards. Our cats birthday ecard collection, was carefully curated, to help you choose, and send a cat powered charity birthday ecard to you cat-mad loved ones.

To get started with sending an ecard from our cats collection. Navigate to your favorite cat picture or graphic, select your favourite, compose a message, make a donation to Hope Spring Charity and send. Your cat ecard will arrive at the recipient inbox in seconds!

Each cat or kitten-themed ecard has the following optional greetings:  Happy Birthday,  I wish you a happy birthday. Thinking of you on your birthday, it is your special day today, happy birthday, no captions.

We also have Dog and Dream Catcher collections & video birthday ecards. Check out also our most popular funny dog charity ecard.