Pig Cards

Happy birthday little piggy

Send this charity ecard. It is a picture of a cartoon pig with wearing birthday party hat.

Happy Birthday with picture of a sitting pig

Send this charity birthday ecard, with the picture of a pig and the message Happy Birthday.

Birthday eCard male female cartoon pigs

Send this lovely graphic of two cartoon pigs; a male and female holding hands.

Happy Birthday graphic of a happy pig

Send this charity ecard of a happy pig, wishing you a happy birthday.

Happy birthday psychedelic pig

Birthday ecard featuring a psychedelic pig and a candle. Fun birthday ecard to send.

Gymnastic pig on a birthday cake eCard

Send this funny birthday ecard of a pig doing gymnastic routine on a birthday cake.

Happy birthday card featuring a pig

Send this lovely charity ecard with a pig wishing you a happy birthday.

Comical cartoon pig birthday ecard

Send this comical cartoon pig birthday ecard

Fun pig birthday ecard

Charity birthday ecard of a happy pig with balloons.

Fun birthday ecard of a smiley pig

Send this fun charity birthday ecard, featuring a smiling pig.

Pigs eCards: Pet & Animal Lovers Charity eCards

Brits are probably the biggest animal lovers in the world. We seem to love pets more than most. Be that pet a dog, man’s best friend. Cats are also one of the most popular pets in the UK. The fondness for animals does not end there.  We are also fond of animals such as horses and pigs.  

This page is dedicated to those who love pigs. Many people may not keep pigs as a pet, but peppa pig, babe and other famous pigs certainly makes creating a whole category for pigs ecard worth it. Choose your favourite pig from our list of cute piggies, personalise it for a friend, family member of a colleagues birthday and press send!

If the family member or the friend you want to send a birthday wish to love a different animal. Perhaps you can choose from our cats card page or even choose one of our dog lovers ecards.